RCGB Conference

Research Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, Tokyo Metropolitan University


Title: Prospect of Genomics and Bioinformatics

Organizer: Koichiro Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Date and time: 10:00-17:15, Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Place: International House, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Minami-osawa, Tokyo

Language to be used: English


List of Speakers (confirmed)

Hwee Kuan Lee (Bioinformatics Institute - A*Star, Singapore)

Frank Eisenhaber (Bioinformatics Institute - A*Star, Singapore)

Sudhir Kumar (Arizona State University, USA)

Toshiro Aigaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Koichiro Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Aya Takahashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Shin Haruta (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Ryutaro Miyagi (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Yosuke Seto (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Nanako Kanno (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)


Conference Program


Opening Remarks

Yutaka Okabe (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Session 1: chaired by Koichiro Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)





Autonomous microscopy and computer vision for biological studies

Hwee Kuan Lee (Bioinformatics Institute - A*Star)

When will we understand the human genome? From gene function and pathway discovery to patient-specific mutation interpretation

Frank Eisenhaber (Bioinformatics Institute - A*Star)


Methods and tools for estimating molecular timetrees of life

Sudhir Kumar (Arizona State University)



Session 2: chaired by Aya Takahashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)


Genetic regulation of body size in Drosophila

Toshiro Aigaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)


Molecular mechanism and evolution of cold tolerance in Drosophila

Koichiro Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Session 3: chaired by Toshiro Aigaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)








Genome-wide analysis of cis-regulatory mutations affecting gene expression in males and females of Drosophila melanogaster

Aya Takahashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Environmental DNA analysis: To help or to hinder cultivation of novel microorganisms

Shin Haruta (Tokyo Metropolitan University)


Tea Break

Session 4: chaired by Shin Haruta (Tokyo Metropolitan University)






Cis-regulatory changes in a dopamine synthesis gene, ebony, responsible for pigmentation variation in a natural population of Drosophila melanogaster

Ryutaro Miyagi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Comparative transcriptome analysis for immune response against fungal infection in two Drosophila species

Yosuke Seto (Tokyo Metropolitan University)



Metabolomic analysis of purple photosynthetic bacteria under carbon starvation conditions

Nanako Kanno (Tokyo Metropolitan University)