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Symposium #6

Title: TEs in genetics and evolution
Organizer: Yong E. Zhang ( Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Co-organizer: Jinfeng Chen ( Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Invited Speaker 1: Susan R Wessler (University of California Riverside)
Invited Speaker 2: Josefa González (Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF))
Invited Speaker 3: Zhao Zhang (Duke University)
Ever since McClintock, decades of research has revealed transposable elements (TEs) as a major catalyst of genome evolution by mediating both regulatory and coding changes. The recent surge of short and long read sequencing techniques begins to unmask an even more complete landscape on how TEs shape variations between species, between populations, between individuals or even between cells. This symposium aims to provide an updated view on how TEs emerge, how they are regulated and, how they contribute to phenotypic variation.

Three scholars agree to join. Dr. Susan Wessler pioneers the use of genome-wide approaches in studying transposable element, and is well known for her study of plant transposable elements in gene and genome evolution. Dr. Josefa González is well known for her research in the field of environmental adaptation especially in how TEs shape adaptive evolution in Drosophila. Dr. Zhao Zhang is well known for his research on the regulation of transposons in germ cells and somatic tissue and their influence on reproduction, development, aging, and disease.

We believe that these invited speakers will bring deep insights given their work in the relevant topics. By bringing together both evolutionary geneticists and molecular geneticists, the symposium may catalyze a deeper mechanistic understanding of TEs in genetics and evolution.

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