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Welcome to The 2nd AsiaEvo Conference
In 2020, people in the world suffered from the pandemic of COVID-19. We are still in a tough time. However, people are now more interested in the origin and evolution of viruses and organisms because they provide powerful knowledge and means to predict the destiny of COVID-19 in the nearest future. In this perspective, having an international conference on evolutionary biology is rather timely to share our knowledge to understand evolutionary studies better and make advances. Here, I would like to announce the 2nd AsiaEvo Conference. The conference will be held during August 16-19 exclusively online.

The 2nd AsiaEvo Conference will be organized as a joint meeting with the 23rd Annual Meeting of Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japanhyperlink. The participants of AsiaEvo Conference can attend the SESJ annual meeting without additional registration.
Koichiro Tamura (Chief Organizer of the 2nd AsiaEvo Conference)
A brief history of AsiaEvo
In 2016, at the European Evo-Devo conference in Uppsala, some researchers from east Asia had an informal discussion about the idea to organize a biennial international evolutionary research conference located in Asia. The purpose of this conference was 1) to offer a platform for evolutionary researchers in Asian countries to present and discuss their work in the widest possible context, 2) to facilitate international collaboration on the cross-disciplinary research and education on evolutionary biology in Asia and beyond, 3) to enhance education of evolutionary thinking across the Asian countries, 4) to attract more talented students to join the field of evolutionary study. After the small discussion in Uppsala, the proposal was quickly spread out and received broad support from colleagues in Asia and the rest of the world. Particularly, China National Genebank, Center for Excellence in Animal Evolution and Genetics at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Society of Evolutionary Studies and Association for Propagation of the Knowledge of Genetics in Japan have provided generous support to the first AsiaEvo conference which was successfully organized in Shenzhen in 2018. During the meeting, we discussed that the second conference would be organized in Japan under the leadership of Professor Koichiro Tamura at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Encouraged by the success of the previous conference and the continuous and enthusiastic support from the colleagues from world-wide, we truly believe the evolutionary biology will have a bright future in Asia.
Guojie Zhang (Chair of the First AsiaEvo Conference)
The 2nd AsiaEvo organizing committee members
Koichiro Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Naoki Irie (University of Tokyo)
Mikiko Tanaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Asano Ishikawa (University of Tokyo)
Guojie Zhang (University of Copenhagen)
Qi Zhou (Zhejiang University)
Kinya Ota (Academia Sinica)
Chau-Ti Ting (National Taiwan University)
Antonia Monteiro (National University of Singapore)
Li Daiqin (National University of Singapore)
TMU strategic research fund for international collaboration
International Partnership Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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